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Directions to Tournaments on Nov 17 (Sun)


Massachusetts Institute of Technology
77 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02139

Building 4
Rooms 4-145, 4-149, 4-159


The MIT campus area has limited parking, and we highly recommend taking public transport if you are local. Here are some parking lots and street parking from closest to furthest:

  • 139 Mass Ave Visitor Lot - map - cash only, $5/hr max $20
  • Building 44/46 Lot near Vassar Street - map - *
  • 600 Memorial Drive Lot - map - *
  • Street parking on Memorial Drive - free, and usually full
  • Street parking on Massachusetts Avenue - metered, need quarters

* = MIT Parking Lots - From 5:00pm to 7:30am and on weekends and holidays permits are not required for MIT-affiliated people in the starred lots. Vehicles without permits parked during this time in any other MIT parking area will be subject to ticketing or towing.
Additional information can be found on the MIT Facilities webpage here.

Directions to the room

Please reference the map at the bottom.

CYAN: From Massachusetts Avenue, enter building 7. Continue down the long hallway eastward through buildings 7, 3, and 10. Take a right into building 4. The venue will be halfway down this hallway, on your left.

RED: From the Kendall T stop, walk west down Main St and turn left at Ames St. Enter the triangular building 66. Travel east down the hallway through blg 66, 56, and 16. Take a left, up a few stairs (half a floor), and into blg 8. Take a right into the long hallway (Infinite Corridor). Take a left into Building 4. The venue will be halfway down this hallway, on your left.

Please note that we are usually in the MIT Student Center (green X) but we will not be there this time. We will put up some signage so you aren't stuck in the wrong place!

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